Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forced to go online

Well, another frustrating afternoon fighting software. Perhaps the thing to do is succumb to the tedium of posting from within a browser. I mean, really, is that so hard?
Especially given how seldom I post here.

So what's the difference? Nothing, except that I need to remember the password here. Using Ecto and the now-apparently-dead blogo, I only had to click on "post".


Further whines about blog software

So it turns out that something deep within ecto is not happy with the way I type.

I hit a return in the RTF editor and it turns into both a paragraph and a line break.

That's just not right. If I have a pet phrase, it must be "That's just not right."

But it isn't.

Another Format Test, this time of Ecto

OK, here's how it is. I'm fighting Ecto's desire to add both the paragraph break and the basic break after each sentence.
I really don't like that.
Viewed in the HTML editor, they aren't there. But post them…

Whidbey artists

I scored some major enthusiasm today by visiting the Made Right on Whidbey show up in Coupeville, WA.

I went originally to see Linnane Armstrong and her woodcuts, but as I wandered about, I stumbled across Bev McQuary with some of her lampwork beads! I hadn't read closely enough to discover that she was going to be there.

To make this short, I came home with a boat-load of enthusiasm for getting back to art. Oh, sure, I took some pictures of the flames in the wood stove yesterday, as sources for doing custom flame paint jobs (haha, like I'll ever get back to doing that), and have been doing paper miniatures for wargaming, but really: these two are real artists with work to show and sell.

I managed to avoid descending into wood block prints (having done some before as well as serigraphs), but I find myself all fired up (no pun intended) to light the torch and make some beads.

Imagine! I want to make something!