Sunday, April 24, 2011

My grandmother's enterprise

I fear I've never been too aggressive when it came to making money.
I LIKE money, and always wanted more, but somehow it never came to the top of the list of things I needed to do.
I ran across an old photo of my grandmother and one of her enterprises:

There are some days when I'd settle for a seasonal profit of any size. But it's always work, isn't it? Just look at the faces of these two kids. Are those expressions of Joy? Do they look like the faces of people having fun?

Increasingly, I find I must remind myself that it's not money I'm here for.
If it was, surely I'd have more of it?

As an hour-by-hour thing, I ask myself if I'd rather be doing something else.
The answer is almost always "no".

Thursday, April 14, 2011

General photoshop play

OK, I have an ego. In my defense, I suspect that everyone has one.

I just play around with mine a bit. No harm in that, right? A bit of Photoshop work melding a face from the Mac's built-in camera, and there you go.

I decided that as long as I'm interested in late 19th century history, I should have an image of myself that is appropriate for the age.
Of course, I couldn't stop there. How about a cowboy picture, in the style of the 1950's western movies?

Here, same process but a screen grab from a Hulu western:

Marginal Success

Not the best kind of success, but acceptable.

For some reason, Qumana gave me an error last night, but this morning, the post is on the site. That does not give me what is technically referred to as a "Warm Fuzzy".

Is that target too high?Tags: ,

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trying Qumana

Well, Blogo seems to work, but it's $25. I was mistaken in the previous post. That's OK, no one sees this anyway...

This is Qumana. A bit weird in the UI area, but we'll see.

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Yet Another Blog tool: Blogo

Fed up with trying to get MarsEdit to log in, I'm moving on to other apps.
Blogo. Free.

Fighting new software

I like the idea of MarsEdit to let me post an entry with images I can preview here. But it's fighting me.
I hate that. Why does it want both access password and HTTP password?
Not clear, but if it's because this is an evaluation copy, I'll be angry they don't make it clear.