Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scanner's Dilemma

One of my sisters gave me our grandmother's doll book. The book was made in the early 1900s and each outfit was handmade from scraps of clothes my grandmother acquired from her sisters and aunts.

Each outfit has a long page of darling text, added some fifty years later.

The thing is, receiving this book reminded me that I hadn't finished the last photo album yet. I went to the computer to remind myself how far I'd gotten.

Not far enough. But I saw that I had not made adequate backup of what was there, so I set about burning DVDs to record it. That lead me to check on the other things, including the withering web site. Oh dear! I haven't changed it in ages. I better look into that.

I discovered that the older software I had used did not survive the upgrade to the Mountain Lion OS upgrade. While I was debating the merits of using TextWrangler to manually manage the site, I got an email from CircusPonies saying that for a limited time, I could buy macFlux, an almost-WYSIWYG editor.

I bought it. I ported the old site to the new program. Reading about the new macFlux, I got off onto HTML5/CSS3 and the benefits of same.

I got a book or two on HTML5. I went looking for some samples. That sent me off to build two new sub-sites as experiments. One of them is for Hope's grandfather, Rene Weaver. I did his (Rene Weaver) and that reminded me of the genealogy projects I have going.

I renewed my account at Ancestry.com, and searched a few days for some missing pieces of information. Reading about my ancestors in my research reminded me that I needed to update my resumé.

When I finished the updated resumé, put it on the web, I remembered I wanted to add some pages for the conlang (constructed language) I have finished. It's used by the imaginary space faring race I sometimes write about.

That got me off on the obscure language tangent. I recalled an interest in the Washington state names that sound strange to a Californian. It turns out most of them are from Chinook Trade Speech.

Well, you can buy books about Chinook, so off to Amazon I went and bought one.

Which reminded me that I have budget issues. So I downloaded the latest statements from the bank and loaded them into Moneywell. Which reminded me that I am behind in the budget data.

Fortunately, the cats jumped up on the counter and dug into the dirty dishes, so I dropped everything to shoo them away.

I think it's time for lunch.