Friday, December 23, 2011

The hunt continues

I usually use Blogo to build my blog posts, on those rare occasions when I actually do post something. But today I notice that there's an error reported now. Following up on that, I learned that Blogo won't run under Lion, the next upgrade to Mac OSX.

So it has to go.

Now I'd like to have $40 to spend on MarsEdit, but earlier this year I tried it and for some reason, ended up with Blogo instead. I tried to try it out again, but MarsEdit remembers that I tried it already and won't let me have a second attempt.

I won't put out $40 so easily, so now I'm trying Ecto. Pardon me if there's silly images posted; IIRC, ease of image posting is why I went with Blogo in the first place.

So here's a pointless image, for testing purposes:


OK, that wasn't too hard.

Thanks for watching...

Flies like...

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

Real Life interfered with posting, as happens even to the unemployed.
First was the trip to Roseburg to lend aid to my sister. Then Thanksgiving. Then cold weather. And December seems to have happened, too. No bike rides in all that time.
And no plausible excuse in sight. Oh, sure, it was cold, but not cold-cold! If I can ride at 50°, I should be able to ride at 45°, right?
Yes, the bronchitis (now on its fifth week) could, in theory, have made riding the bike unpleasant, but I didn't try it so I don't know.

Instead, I set myself a "100 things" challenge. Not the one from the book and the web pages; my own version. I won't be reducing my personal items until they number a mere 100. Instead, I am starting easy and making a list of 100 things I can get rid of.
Just as when I gave up all my unpainted wargame figures, I feel as though I'm being given back time I'd felt should be allocated to those hobbies.

So far I've sent away all the polymer clay: supplies, tools, oven, and pasta roller. That felt pretty good.
I have a slide projector and a few carousels to part with, as well as some art that I will never hang on my limited wall space. (more on that later)
I'm ready to part with the Delta bench planer, the vacuum system, and a band saw. Add the Japanese mortise chisels, the skew chisels, and a few wood planes, and I'm doing well.
But the biggest step so far has been the dismantling of my model railroad. If you count the building kits, the engine, the cars, the scenery, the wiring and controls, and the entire 5' by 9' layout, it's a huge step. And I now have 16' feet of wall space to hang art!

I will also part with the nice Trek mountain bike, the binoculars, a few camera bags, and a pile of railroad books and magazines.

I feel so much better!
Now if I could just kick this cough, maybe I could get out on the road bike before it snows...