Monday, March 9, 2009

A perfect day in the making

Ah. I've dropped-off my application to clean city buildings at the Town Hall; I had two slices of sausage pizza for breakfast; Frito's Scoops with Clam Dip for lunch, and enough cheap burgundy that watching snowflakes the size of a quarter fill my driveway has inspired me to go write something.
Can you get a better day than that?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Writing again

Well, I've found something to write about. I might even get to see a dollar or two from it. Not much more, but that's never been why I write.
Two Hour Wargames is interested in having me write a booklet for them. I'm planning on writing three adventures for the "Larger Than Life" pulp-era game they sell.
I've finished one and sent it to Ed for a check on style; in the meantime, I have two more ready to flesh-out.
It's fun!
And it's a "write once, sell many" that can't be beat.
Time will tell.
For now, back to work!