Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't Do me any Favors

OK. If you're riding the bus and you get to the end of the line, stand up when your turn comes and get off.
You're not being polite by waiting.
If you make me stop and wait, that's rude. If you continue to sit, forcing me to go first, you now add a mild sense of guilt: was I too pushy, should I have waited longer? And you still slow down the whole remainder of the bus when debarking should be a smooth, simple process.

I don't need extra stress.
When your turn comes, get up and get off.

Same thing for waving me on when I'm in the car. If you're at a corner and I stop at the stop sign, cross the street! Waving me on either means you think I'll run over you if you walk in front of me, or that somehow I'm more important than you, or that I don't understand how the turn-taking priority precedures work.

I don't need that, either.
Get with the program! You're not out there alone. A lot of what you think is courtesy to me is just plain annoying to everyone.

Don't do me any favors.