Monday, March 24, 2008

Walking a circle

We explored a small "sanctuary" park near here, and though the entrance fee seemed very high to me, we decided it was time to see what was there.
What was there? Lots of prayer flags in the trees, and many many stone monoliths, some in circles, some as "henges", some just little piles. It was all very peaceful despite being only a few yards from the road.
But what I'm writing about today is the stone circle-maze. I'm not sure what the proper name for the circular path ought to be as it was neither a circle nor a maze. Do you know what I mean?
You enter, follow a serpentine path to the center, then retrace your path and exit. Simple.
I've been to one other (that I recall) and that was in the hills of Palo Alto, CA not too far from the Reuters site where I worked.
Anyway, this was the first time I'd followed a path with someone else there.
Understand that the path is 20" wide, and the course is separated by 4" high plantings. It's not like you're hidden from the world, and you should also not expect to be transported to another dimension ala Zelazny's Amber series. But something weird happened anyway.
I was pretty self-conscious and not entirely sure why I was "doing it" in public. So I thought about that while I followed the circular path. And I was surprised!
The first time I followed one of these, it was mostly as an homage to my distant, occult-soaked past. It was cool.
This time, it came to me that the whole point was to do something without having a good reason to do it. No immediate gain, no Chivalry Points, no hip or cool points. No money, no fame, etc.
You just spend a few quiet moments putting aside all consideration of worth or gain and just walk the path. Why? Because.
Most of what I do, I have a reason that I accept as the motive. Walking the circle was just to do. When I got back out, I realized I felt good about having done a thing just to be doing it.
In that spirit, I spent Easter Sunday sitting in front of the fire reading a book. No guests, no chores. No guilt. It was warm and sleepy and wonderful.
Should I need to find a stone path to gain this? No. Did I need it? Yes.
But once you've really felt what's to be gained, you can recreate it in your head as often as needed. Just remember. And remind yourself. 

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Real Life Interrupts

Hi;  It's hard to post to these things when you're fairly sure you're just talking to yourself.
How do radio people do it?
I'm told that it helps to pretend that there's only one person out there listening to you speak. Maybe. Maybe if I pretend that there's one person reading this, I'd post more often.

Well, maybe that's true, maybe not.
An update: adopting the diabetic diet ahead of a diagnosis has yielded some benefits: I'm down about 9 pounds, and according to the AMA and the Body Mass Index, I need to lose another nine.
I guess I can do that.
I sure miss bourbon, though.
Yes, I know I can still drink, but I know that I'd like to have 3 drinks, and each night, so I'll have to pass.
I'm lazy, you see. Or weak. Either way, it's always been easier for me to cut off something cold than to "taper off".

On the writing front, I'm making progress on a book on wargame campaigns, how to run them. If nothing else, it gives me a motive to actually run more games. Since I game solo, I can jump around all I want. 
I have a Starmada space campaign going, about to hit the first conflict between Delius Heavy Industries forces and the Consortium Fleet.
I'm doing a fantasy campaign between Romans and Orcs, and I've got a few ships at sea using "Kiss Me, Hardy" rules from TooFatLardies.
And I'm not even counting car racing and RPG.

I'm also experimenting with using Pando to send and receive large video/audio files with my pen pal, recorded with VoiceCandy shareware.

Keeping busy, if nothing else!