Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A pigeon hat

I walked out of the warehouse toward my little office space and paused to "sniff the air" as we ex-bikers tend to do.
I spied a pigeon perched on one of the trucks; it'd been hanging about all day. When I stopped and looked at it, it turned its head, eyeing me as though I was either an old friend or I was food.
A quick 'coo' and a flutter of wings and the stupid thing landed on my head! I felt its little toes digging into my scalp, and as I turned back to see if anyone was watching, I felt its beak peck onto my head.
I admit I was surprised. I put out my arms, palms up, unconsciously mimicing the pose on my grandmother's statue of St. Francis.
When my boss stopped laughing, he scooped the silly thing off my head and returned it to the bed of the truck (where he had apparently been offering it bird seed all morning).
Was this a fitting end to a strange year, or an omen for the year to come?
Time will tell.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaming again

At last, I've made time to do some wargaming.
I've put up a new blog, NovaAlbion, to record the games. I'm interested in a sort of SteamPunk version of California, a place where Professor Hollister McAllister can sell his snake oil, hire indians for his army, and arm Sasquatch with Radium rifles in his attempt to conquer the world!
Of course, the British control/own New Albion, sometimes referred to as the Crown Colony of California.
Imagine: California Lancers and Redcoats against Mexicans, against rebellious American immigrants, against indians and sasquatch and steam mechano-men!
What could be better?